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Steuart Padwick

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Steuart Padwick is a multi-award winning furniture designer based in London, UK.

Most recently in 2016, Steuart was awarded the honour of designing a piece of furniture for the Royal Nursery of Princess Charlotte. In addition, Steuart is ranked as one of the top selling designers featured with multinational online furniture manufacturer,

“We have finally launched our much needed new website and we are very excited! It has been a wonderfully collaborative development with the ever helpful Ollie and Kate of The OD Agency”.

Steuart Padwick, Furniture Designer at

It was important for Steuart to include a lot of colour as his work is bold with pops of colour. We were asked to create a sense of playfulness, yet a restrained simplicity.

The prime function of the site is to act as a gallery and portfolio, not as a shop.  There are several products you can purchase from other relevant retailers.

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